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Tristone Nash Recruitment

Our Executive Housing and Search teams operate UK-wide and help organisations identify and secure diverse operational and senior-level talent. In addition to the all the traditional recruitment services that we offer, we also can deliver Consultancy Services that can provide strategic development, Asset & Housing management services to local authorities and housing associations across the South of England and Wales. Our range of services spans from strategic to operational delivery.

We have collaboratively been involved in writing and creating new development strategies, setting up commercial subsidiaries, writing Asset Management plans, Housing Management restructuring and delivering complex projects.

This combination of talent and consultancy expertise has enabled us to build and maintain exceptional networks of property talent. Our in-depth knowledge of the housing market, the quality of our relationships with potential candidates and the professional execution of our processes makes us as an ideal partner for a specific project, tackle challenges and realise your goals. Whatever you need, we can advise and create a solution that works for you and help deliver value for money.

We offer fully compliant and pre-screened highly experienced and respected housing professionals to provide bespoke solutions. This is to fulfil specific project requirements to give you piece of mind that you are receiving candidates of a high calibre and someone who can hit the ground running and deliver on time.

Key Services We Offer Include:


  • Development strategies,
  • Setting up commercial subsidiaries,
  • Writing Asset Management plans
  • Housing Management restructuring
  • Bids & Funding
  • Procurement
  • Delivering complex Transformation projects.
  • Wider corporate services such as compliance, HR, IT and finance